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Our Services

For those who believe in high quality.


Custom Colour Matching
Super Translucent
Milled stained and glaze
PMMA Temporaries

Crown and Bridge

Porcelain Fused to Metal
Full Gold Crowns
Gold Inlay/Onlay
Esthetic PFG crown.


The perfect combination of our experience and expertise and the latest technology.

Digital Scanning and Design

The best in class software design with Exocad. Simply send us your file or Impression.


Aligners & Retainers

Removable & Complete Denture

Our proprietary technology matches color and translucency for a seamless appearance and tailored fit.The perfect degree of flexibility, providing maximum retention, stability and aesthetic appeal.

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Product Showcase

SRDL are more than just a dental lab.

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As a group of full service laboratories committed to pursuing and educating ourselves and our customers in new technologies, materials and techniques, we feel we are able to provide the very highest level of products and solutions to the Industry.